studio equipment

The Studio

Rabbit Hole Recording Studios or “RHR Studios” for short was founded by James Lastname in 2006. James has a passion for sound and now has over a decade of experience working to create great music with artists across genres. In 2017 RHR Studios moved to it’s current location.

The studio consists of three acoustic-paneled rooms – a booth, large live-room, and control room (with seating for guests). We also have a mic’d in-house drum kit, amplifiers, rack mounts, headphones, and a variety of microphones and other tools to create a professional sound. We can also do all mixing and mastering in house with a full suite of professional post-production software, MIDI controllers and a control surface.

Check the gallery below to see some images of our set-up and don’t hesitate to call to inquire how we can work with you on your next project.